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Really, You Collect That!

Do you collect something that others find unusual, creepy, or "ugh!" You are not alone. Many humans have passions about so many different things. And we all find ways to keep ourselves occupied and happy. What is your passion? Or is it an obsession?

Just a short list of things other people find interesting.


My sign or yours!

HMMMMMMM.....Interesting! Any of this sparking an interest in you?

Now you're talking! Count me in! A collecting we go!

Whatever it is you collect we hope it brings a smile to your face whenever you walk by your collection. Wait! You haven't displayed your collection yet! We have a service for that! SK Simple Solutions organizes all parts of the home. We also inventory and help display your treasures.

We assess your collectibles and available areas for display. We compile suggestions and designs to fit your collection in your home. This is done for a project fee of $75. Then if you want us to help display it we can schedule a project session to complete the display. See our website for session prices. (https://www.sksimplesolutions.com/)

Book us now! Book a session! (3 hours)



Do it now! Email us for a 30-minute free consultation by phone or in person: info@SKsimplesolutions.com


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