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Repurpose Clutter & Use it Better!

What household items do you have that you just can't throw away?

Sweater Hanging Organizer

I originally used this to organize my daughter and her “outfits” to wear on a weakly basis. She picked her clothes for the whole week, every Sunday. She didn't actually put them into the organizer she would throw the clothes in like a softball pitcher. Now, she is a young adult and doesn’t use the organizer anymore.

So now it’s our board game organizer! Perfection!

Curtain rods. Now why can’t I get rid of these. Instead, do this.

How about all those Covid-wine corks? What can we do with that?

Cork Clusters So many corks! Cork Trees!

I did like the juice but I liked the bottle even more. I kept it because of the bottle design. I pulled it out of the closet the other day. I either needed to use it or recycle it. And I had a lot stones and rocks from various gifts over the years.

Here's a fun way to keep your boots from sagging.

Recycled flip flops

I first found this flip flop mat at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I have given it to many friends for gifts. They last a long time and are easy to keep clean. Recycling and using sustainable material for shoes and clothes is very important for our earth's health.

I didn’t invent this flip flop mat, but I have worn lots of flip flops and can appreciate recycling them into a useful item.

SK Simple Solutions would enjoy being a part of your repurposing projects. Contact us to help assist you with all your decluttering and repurposing projects.

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