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Repurpose That!

It’s April! We know what that means! Taxes! Well, yes but it also means; April showers bring May flowers! And it’s time to get outside and restart our garden.

Clean those tools. Clean out the shed. Now what to do with all the leftover wood scraps, pots, dirt and more?

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”

Robin Williams

April is Repurpose it! month.

Let’s look at what is possible with extras and creativity!

Do you have some left-over wood in your yard? What about those cute garden decorations that are rusted and worn? Any beach shells, pots, grates, odd, shaped pieces of wood? What about those festive huge coffee mugs that you got for Christmas?

Kim-"I had a bunch of wood a neighbor had given me. It was a lot of wood and I am a design junkie. So I realized two fun repurposed projects; a potting bench and sturdy benches.

Once I got the wood sanded and hinged together the final design tweaks flowed easily into the finished projects. I used leftover paint and other supplies from the garage. The purpose of repurposing is to use what you have for a different, better purpose."

The 2 red benches were donated to the Cultivating Inclusion Farm in Murrieta.

Plant Smiles, Grow Laughter, and Harvest Love

The Cultivating Inclusion Farm in Murrieta, CA

. The potting bench found a place in my garden. Wow! So much fun!

You Grow Girl

Garden Shells left over from years of arts and crafts—Succulents are hardy growers and adapt to their container. Supplies, shells, dirt and a succulent.

You can grow your own way.

Garden Sign—Used wood scraps and leftover paint from other projects.

Take a look around your garage, what can you put together from what's around your house?

—A loyal SK Simple Solutions fan and customer repainted weather worn and rusted garden decorations instead of throwing them away. She is a kindergarten teacher and already had leftover paint from numerous art projects.

The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to. Frida Kahlo

SK Simple Solutions would enjoy being a part of your repurposing projects. Contact us to help assist you with all your decluttering and repurposing projects.

SK Out!

Call/Text: 951.294.8105

Email: info@SKsimplesolutions.com

Website: SKsimplesolutions.com


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