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Retro is Back in Style

Classic, vintage cars and vans. The van originated in Germany and was quite popular there. Here is the US it is a symbol of the counterculture revolution of the 60s. Flowers, peace sign, psychedelic colors, gave it a rebellious aura.

The van and ever popular VW Bug from Germany became symbols for freedom, surfing, and flower power. The cars didn’t even come with seat belts.

Flower Power Lives

It was very popular because it could carry a large group of people. It’s actual name is “Transporter.”

The transporter was and is a versatile van for surfers, campers, and families. There are enthusiasts who look for the VW vans to refurbish and reuse. It's a passion for vehicles that transport people or things!

So who has collected the most VW Vans? Gabriel Iglesias is a comedian. His nickname is 'Fluffy,' owns a $3 million collection of classic Volkswagen buses. He has replicated

the VW factory in Wolfsburg, Germany and that is where he stores his vans. He bought his first van at 17. How many do you have?

What do you collect? Share it with us. Leave a comment about what you collect. Or do you know someone who collects an unusual item? Share.

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