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Road Trip!

New Yorkie, New Yorkie the Dogs are Back in Town!

Whether you’re driving to New Yorkie, New Yorkie or Cat-afornia with your pet, make sure to plan and ensure a fun va-Cat-ion for everyone. Who doesn’t like a road trip? Driving up and down the state, playing tourist, and sticking your head out the window. This is dog heaven!

So, grab your suitcase pack the kids, stuff the car with snacks and get on down the road.

Some mutts haves to ensure the safety and enjoyment of your pets with you on the road.

The Mutts haves (https: www.akc.org)

  • Dog car seat or seat belt—keeps your pet protected in the vehicle

  • Carrier—if traveling in the carrier make sure air is flowing in and the carrier

Teach your pet to go in and out of the crate. Traveling is stressful for animals and having the carrier be a secure area will decrease your pet’s anxieties.

The crate should be big enough to let your pet turn around.

Use a waterproof pet pad, sturdy chewing item, and a recognizable toy.

  • Leash/Collar Consider reflective and/or glow in the dark effects

  • Food/Treats Airtight sealed containers

  • Familiar bed or blanket

  • Water-portable pet bowl that is collapsible

  • ID tag/microchipped Include the pet’s name, your name, address,

  • and phone number.

  • Recent health card with vaccinations and any medications.

  • Usual pet doctor’s phone number.

  • Explore and find a pet emergency hospital/clinic where you are on the road.

Potty breaks for the pets and humans will avoid going mutts on the road. Frequent breaks for water, food, and exercise are important for pets and their families. Stay in the designated “pet areas” and pick up after your pet (and kids!)

Have a fun time. Take lots of pictures of you and your pets enjoying the great outdoors. Our pets are here with us for a short while. They spend most of their time waiting for us. Your pet will have an exciting time being with you wherever you are.


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