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San Diego Fun Stops. Bridges.

San Diego is one of my favorite cities to play "tourist." There are also many surrounding communities that have interesting things to see and do. When we plan a stay-cation in San Diego I look for unique galleries, museums, historic buildings, art-walks, beaches or hikes.

San Diego fun stops. So this time I found bridges. There are so many different types of bridges. Take a walk on the wild side and try a bridge or two. This hike is a moderate hike and about a 5.5-mile hike.

This bridge route shows San Diego in an organic and tangible way. (There is more information in travel guides about San Diego.) The San Diego Magazine is a good place to start. Perfect to WOW your guests with a unique, walking view of San Diego.

Let's take your family on a San Diego urban hike.

These are the 7 bridges in San Diego. It is possible to walk and see all these bridges in a loop. You can start at any bridge. The longest part is between the Georgia St. Bridge and the Cabrillo Bridge in Balboa Park.

Map it out and take water.

1. Park Blvd Bridge

This is in the Inez Grant Parker Memorial Rose Garden in Balboa Park. Use this bridge to cross into the courtyard of Balboa Park by the Natural History Museum. Continue on El Prado through Balboa Park to the next bridge.

2. Cabrillo Bridge, El Prado, Balboa Park. San Diego

1914. California’s first multiple-arched cantilever bridge. 152’ high and 1,500’ long. It was constructed for The Panama California Exposition (1915-1917) to celebrate the Panama Canal. San Diego claimed it was the first port of call for ships passing thru the canal ) Photo by By Visitor7 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=25112458)

3. First Ave Bridge

(The People’s Bridge), San Diego 92103. 1931. It is a steel truss bridge 104’ high and 463’ long. Walking across the bridge you can see the next bridge on Quince St.

First Ave Bridge

4. Quince St. Pedestrian Bridge.

222 Quince St, San Diego. 92103. 1905. It was designed by city engineer George A. d’Hemecourt and Banker’s Hill community. It is 60’ high, 236’ long and cost $805 to build. One of a few wooden trestle pedestrian bridges in San Diego. A quince is a type of fruit.

Just for fun in this area of San Diego, the streets perpendicular to the numbered avenues are alphabetically tree names.

Quince St. Bridge

5. Spruce St. Suspension Bridge

West Spruce St. 1912. Crosses Kate Sessions Canyon. It is 70’ high and 375’ long. In true suspension bridge form, the bridge rocks, and swings! Enjoy! There is a topiary garden near the Spruce St. Suspension bridge that is worth a look too. This is a local resident who likes floral art.

Spruce St. Suspension Bridge. My son & husband on the bridge. Topiary Garden.

6. Vermont St. Bridge

San Diego, 92103. 1955. Located in University Heights and rebuilt in 1995. This is a pedestrian only bridge. A steel and concrete bridge connecting Hillcrest and University Heights.

7. 3850 Georgia St. Bridge.

Hillcrest, San Diego, 92103. 1914. Connecting Hillcrest to North Park. It is the shortest bridge on the hike. Note, there has been a lot of construction in this area. Check to see if it is open.

Georgia St. Bridge Historic Georgia St. Bridge Today

There you have it. A beautiful hike through many neighborhoods exploring the San Diego city of bridges. This is a hike summary and not specific directions. Make sure you map it out first. Start at either end. Or create a new bridge hike.

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