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SK Simple Solutions' 5 Ws of Gift Giving

To gift or regift that is the question! Whether tis nobler to wrap or not to wrap. Whether it is the best of times or the worst of times a gift is always welcome.

A gift is exciting, mysterious, and causes happiness and joy. In our culture gifts are an important part of honoring a friend, mom, grandpa, or teacher. The SK Simple Solutions' 5Ws of gift giving includes choosing the gift, wrapping, ribbons, and writing a card. Do you enjoy writing notes, letters, journal, or Post Its, read Write On! The Lost Art of Letter Writing.

Who do we buy gifts for? —Is it a friend, family member, or a loved one? As with last week’s blog, The Lost Art of Writing Letters, gift giving is an art. Typically we give gifts for birthdays, weddings, well wishes, sympathy, congratulations, baby shower, and other life events. The people can be family, friends, or co-workers. The gift reveals what you think that person wants or needs. Sometimes the hardest choice is for someone you know well. Because, after so many years what else does the special person need or want? That is when you must get creative and design your gift.

Who We Buy Gifts For

According to Curiosity at Work, (SurveyMonkey.com SurveyMonkey Audience) 2019-2020 the following graphs show when and who we give gifts to.

What gifts do we give? Some can be practical or not, useful, beautiful, sentimental, unique, and silly or many other gift forms. The What we give is a very important and that is why it is the first thing to do when deciding to give someone a gift.

The Choice.

What to Give? Just a sampling of ideas.

1. Parents

Homemade Apple pie

Restaurant Gift Cards

2. Children

If not, your children ask the parents for acceptable gifts

Toys according to age

Stuffed Animals

Card Games

3. Co-workers

Gift card is always safe

Potted plant

4. Friends

Something sentimental


5. Customers/Clients

Gift card

Coupon for service/product

Service/product samples

Gift Baskets

6. Significant Other

Flowers, nice dinner

Picnic at the beach


Hobby related

7. Men



Hobby related

8. Women



Passion related

Make a list of what the person is interested in. Their favorite color, food, place etc. Do they have hobbies, scrapbooks, passions? What do they need? Remember the gift is something they will like, not what you want!

Where to give your present.

In a house

Walking down the street

Lunch time at work

When Presents can be given throughout the year and not just limited by a holiday or event. I believe the number one event for gift giving is birthdays followed by Christmas. These are two continuous events in our country. Sometimes a friend, co-worker, family member or an unknown person who helped us out inspires us to give a gift. It is innate to want to show gratitude somehow and somewhere.

Wrapping is also an art. An art that can be learned and perfected. Develop your own style. I like double sided wrapping paper it is heavier and easiest to fold. I like ribbons and then scoring them with scissors to make the ribbon curl. I am not a bow person but if you are there are all sizes of bows.

Why we give presents is to let the receiver know that they are on our mind.

It is a gesture signifying,







a simple “hello.”

Giving presents is fun and gratifying. We hope that they will like our gift. Taking time to look for a gift is part of the giving process. Many times, we look at objects as a potential gift we stare and stare, do we buy it or not? Or we have a great idea on making a present but wonder, “will they like it?"

The SK Simple Solutions’ 5Ws of gift giving includes choosing the gift, wrapping the gift, ribbons, writing a card and the event of giving the gift is all part of the wonderful process of letting others know that they are thought of throughout the year.

SK out! Have a great week! Be happy!


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