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SK Simple Solutions’ The 12 Days of Organizing

12 Days, 30 minutes each day, decide what to donate, get rid of, or keep! We are on a journey to change our clutter behavior to reduce what we buy, reuse what we have, and treasure & display our collectibles!

Let’s look at days #9 & #10 of the

12 Days of Christmas Organizing.

On the ninth day of Organizing

My organizer said to me

9 dolls a dancing

Just 30 minutes to declutter every day!

  1. Set a specific goal: dolls or something you collect

  2. Make 3 piles; donations, throw away, KEEP

  3. Set the timer: 30 minutes

  4. Go

Collections, collectibles, dolls, plastic cups, spoons, baseball cards anything we collect. Do you have a place set aside for display? Are you displaying your collectibles? Many times, our treasures remain in a box and never appear. Or are your collections on shelves, tables, in cases or rooms?

What do you Collect? What type of treasures do you want to display?

It is time to review your collectibles like we looked over linens, books, food, frames, sleeping bags, pots & pans, and sweaters in SK Simple Solutions’ 12 Days of Organizing!

Let’s use our 30 minutes a day to declutter to find our collectibles and reassess their usefulness. This means that when we walk by our collection we still smile and can find our favorite piece. If not, we have options on what to do next. If you are able to do only 1 of the following that is a successful organization session.

Retire the Collection—there’s no spark, old, torn etc.—

Donate it and let someone else enjoy it!

Pack & Store Collection—yes, keep it, but not displayed

Display it Better—remove all from case, shelf etc. dust, reposition all pieces.

Display a new collection—something packed & stored

can now be unpacked and displayed!

On the tenth day of Organizing

My organizer said to me

10 plastic cups

Just 30 minutes to declutter every day!

  • Set a specific goal: plastic cups

  • Make 3 piles; donations, throw away, KEEP

  • Set the timer: 30 minutes

  • Go

How many plastic cups do you have? I have a 1 ½ shelves dedicated to plastic. Where do they come from? San Diego Zoo, favorite baseball teams, favorite football teams, kids’ high school cups, kids’ sports teams, fundraising cups etc. The list goes on and on.

So, let’s make our 3 piles: donate, throw away and Keep

Throw away cracked, discolored, and microwaved.

This is where the plastic starts lumping after being microwaved too much.

Donate decent cups or recycle them.

KEEP your favorite, 1-2 theme related, and then let each family member keep 4.

How did you do these 2 days? 30 minutes to declutter is feasible. Set a goal, sweaters, pans, sleeping bags, 1 collectible set or plastic cups only. Focus on that specific item. Use the 30 minutes to sort and evaluate what to donate, throw away, and KEEP. Put it all into a plastic bag, take it to the garage for donations, NOW!


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