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SK Simple Solutions--What We Can Do For You

Shannon & Kim
Your Personal Organizers

So, clutter happens.

Whether it is a transitional disorganization event or an accumulation of incidents, clearing clutter and its noise is a calming and worthwhile experience. This why we started our business. SK Simple Solutions is a neutral party that can help you recognize your clutter noise and learn to repurpose spaces. We realize what the full potential of a simplified life can bring.

We advocate for universal access to a Professional Organizer team (SK Simple Solutions), a personalized plan to drive your new era of innovation and productivity to “live simply, live clutter-free!”

Here's what we can do for you!

Sort through your bathroom.

Sort through the makeup, soaps, shampoo, products, hair ties, and brushes. Make up does expire. Toss out old, unused lipstick. Are there colors that you just won't wear!

Look for old washcloths, unused fufas, and first aid supplies that are dried out. Toss them out! Organize the rest in open, clear square or rectangular containers. If you have more to store use square and rectangular bins with lids and place the open containers on top.

The laundry room and linens.

Refresh the linens. How long have you held onto your favorite sheets or towels? Are they practically see through or tattered. Donate them or cut into rags.

The closet.

We have so many types of closets in our home. Start with the coat closet. Do you have a local charity in need of gently used coats, sweaters, and rain gear? Donate what doesn't fit your kids anymore? Make room for your favorite coats, rain gear, and winter wear.

The kids' closet.

Remove clothes and toys that they have outgrown. Pass these onto their siblings, a friend or a women's shelter. Let them choose what to give to others and what to keep, with guidance of course! Create a place where they can place items of clothing that they would like to donate to someone in need.

The hobby room.

What is your hobby? Collecting stamps, making cards, sewing, scrap booking, or repurposing corks!

Group supplies in color coordinated buckets and hang on a peg board. Paper involved in your crafting? Use sturdy containers. Add color and display it in book shelves or in a cubby.

Ahhh, the garage.

So much in this space. Take it on in parts from a corner to a wall unit . Use a peg board to hang large and small tools. Tool boxes are designed exactly for what they are name. Generally, I use orange containers for nails, paint supplies, or tools.

Your garden.

A peaceful space. If you have room contain the garden supplies in a shed or a specific part of the garage. Use peg boards, wire crates, clear rectangular bins, or stained wooden crates.

The home office.

When you are working make sure you use a supportive chair, and appropriate sized desk. Make it your happy place. Hang your favorite piece of art or quote. Add a plant by the window. Contain office supplies in drawers divided by drawer organizers.

Your kitchen.

Declutter the counters. Remove the ceramic utensil holder and put them into a drawer. Use a large colorful bowl for bread. Stow infrequently used appliances until needed; blenders, juicers, griddles.

We offer an extensive range of services. Learn more what SK can provide for you. Let us know if you have any questions or special requests. We look forward to adding you to our long list of satisfied clients. info@SKsimplesolutions.com

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SK Out! Have a great week! Be Happy!

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