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Some of My Favorite Things.

Hey all! I’m back. I’ve taken a hiatus from blogging for a few months. Now, I am back and ready to write again. Since it's June and Father's Day is in June let's have a DAD joke!

Why do fathers take an extra pair of socks when they go golfing?" "In case they get a hole in one!

The following is some of my favorite things. And I don’t receive any compensation for any of these products! They are fun to use and fun to display.

Ribbon Holder & Organizer DIY

The ribbon is loaded onto tension rods or other dowel like utensil. It is attached to the shelf with a S hook and chain. It's great for a gift wrapping room or when making crafts. Very organized and visually appealing.

Wine Corks

After all the hard work of getting the corks from wine bottles what can you do with the leftover corks? Corks make a gorgeous lamp, framed, or a holiday tree ornament.

Why did the decorator use wallpaper with aircraft on it?
Because they where told to use plain wallpaper.

Did you know that wallpaper is on the rise again? I like wallpaper but with a subtle flair. Wallpaper on just 1 wall or half of the wall. Hawthorne wallpaper has some great patterns, www.riflepaperco.com.

Placemats by www.kohls.com

I don't necessarily use these for dinner mats. Most of the time they are my seasonal displays. I put out 4th of July items on the mats or place the mats under house plants. It's another way to greet a new holiday season.

Reusable Sandwich Bags.

These are compostable sandwich bags. Using these will reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in the landfill. And a fellow professional organizer, Anita Fortes, recommends them as well. (Dishwasher & Microwave/oven/freezer safe.)

Stasher Reusable Silicone Food Storage Sandwich Bag https://www.target.com/p/stasher-reusable-silicone-food-storage-sandwich-bag-aqua/-/A-75668361?clkid=4788c5afN87c711ec8b3abbacbd1738e8&cpng=PTID1&lnm=81938&afid=Time%20Inc.&ref=tgt_adv_xasd0002


We are SK, Shannon & Kim, and creating organizing solutions for a simpler life is our passion. Let’s get REAL and reuse your bins and baskets into a stylish display that organizes our home office, collections, and paper clutter.

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