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PaprHeARTs: Quirky, one-of-a-kind paper originals.

The Latest in "handmade with love" or what every gift giver wants but doesn't want to make themself. PaprHeARTs is an Etsy shop. It is where handmade cards, gift tags, note cards, and party favors come alive

Greeting Cards, Note cards, Gift Tags, Party Favors that go with all life events, this Etsy shop, PaprHeARTs, makes all products by hand and are originals.

The majority of the cards and gift tags come in one set only and are not produced again. That is why we advise our fans to visit the shop frequently to stay on top of newly released items and current discounts!

Greeting Cards and gift tags are not a dying art. As long as people give gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, parties, graduation, sympathy, or just thinking of you, there is a need for quality cards.

Gift Tags

There are a lot of stores with mass produced cards. However, if you are looking for uniquely designed with a personal touch then handmade is for you! Etsy requires that the shops sell only handmade items. PaprHeARTs stands alone from the other shops due to the continuing driving force of the Creative Director, Kim Bordelon.

PaprHeARTs: First Impressions

The PaprHeARTs Shop's Creative Director, Kim Bordelon and her assistant Shannon McCarthy, provide unique products for holidays, any occasion, weddings, and pet adoptions.

This is our shop on ETSY.com

And the shop motto is, "find us easy, just drop the e!"

Pap≠rHeARTs Pap×rHeARTs Pap/rHeARTs

The greeting cards, note cards, gift tags, party favors, gift card holders are all handmade. The cards are quirky and unique. Even in a set of cards there will be slight or major differences from card to card. The products are uniquely made, crafted with care, and use quality materials. Quirky, sure. But how to use quilt scraps, straws, a penny, or a cork in a card or tag is Kim Bordelon's gift!

PaprHeARTs Creative Director. Kim Bordelon

Kim began crafting cards, ornaments, party favors, cork pictures with her mom. Creativity runs in the family. Kim creates cards, repurposes pallets into potting benches, beautifies gardens with themed containers and makes quirky and unique handmade cards.

PaprHeARTs: A quirky, one-of-a-kind paper originals' Etsy shop.

The quirky paper cards came from a passion of crafting. The owner, Kim Bordelon, has handmade many things from paper, straws, cork, wood, pallets, and buttons. Many of you are crafters.

Your passion could be quilts, potting benches, repurposing garage sale finds, water color, music, curled paper, oils, decoupage, the list goes on only as far as your imagination will take you.

SK Simple Solutions, 2 shops, 1 company!

PaprHeARTs is our passion. Check out our shop, peruse the cards, and support a local Californian small business with your purchase. Send us a comment, message on FB, or email and let us know how you used the cards. Thanks.

Speaking from experience with gift giving and gift receiving I can truly say that the quirky, quality of the greeting cards and note cards on PaprHeARTs are skillfully and expertly made. I have received many cards in my lifetime but these cards I keep and some, I frame.

Do you craft? Scrapbook?

Or make gifts with corks, beads, ribbon, stamps, paper, or dies? What is the best way to use containers for crafting or scrap-booking? Let’s organize your craft/hobby room to increase your productivity in doing what you love to do.

Shannon & Kim have fun ways to use baskets, cubbies, crates and other containers to keep you crafting and happy. We get it. We understand and live our passions too.


PaprHeARTs is a subsidiary of SK Simple Solutions.

We assist clients with clutter and help redefine their relationship with their possessions using simple organizing solutions. We want you to be happy with what you donate, throw away and ultimately what you KEEP!

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