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The 12 Days of Organizing

SK Simple Solutions’ The 12 Days of Organizing by Donating, Getting Rid of, or Keeping our Treasures!

12 Days, 30 minutes each day, decide what to donate, get rid of, or keep! We are on a journey to change our clutter behavior to reduce what we buy, reuse what we have, and treasure & display our collectibles!

Let’s look at the first 4 days of Christmas organizing.

On the first day Organizing

My personal organizer said to me,

Just 30 minutes to declutter every day!

Set a specific goal: sleeping bags, pans, sweaters

Make 3 piles; donations, throw away, KEEP

Set the timer: 30 minutes


On the second day of Organizing,

My organizer said to me

2 gently worn sweaters

DAY #2 We have 30 minutes. 2 gently used sweaters.

Search through closets, drawers, coat closet for all your sweaters. Put them on your bed. First, sweaters that are dated, fold and put into a bag. Second, find those that you haven’t worn in more than a year and put them into the bag. Finally decide which ones to keep.

I live in southern California, and I have 3 sweaters, maybe. I just don’t wear them enough so 2 gently used sweaters isn’t hard for me. So, take in account where you live and the climate to determine how many sweaters to have in your closet.

Sweater Care

Store in cool, dark, airy, box.

Stay away from plastic tubs or bags.

Plastic can trap moisture and cause that musty smell.

On the third day of Organizing

My organizer said to me

3 used pans

Day #3 We have 30 minutes. 3 used pans.

Kitchen pots and pans, utensils, appliances, plates etc. lounge in your cupboards. Many have seen a lot of use, good times, and lots of washing. These items are difficult to let go of because we use them so often. Even the scratched, dinged, or a loose handle won’t inspire us to give them away. So, focus just on the pots & pans! Search through all the cupboards. Take them out and put on the counter.

Our cooking items don’t come with expiration dates. Nonstick and/or Teflon coated pots and pans lose their effectiveness and get sticky and stuck with food stuff within 5 years. Finally, evaluate if you can cook what you have left or do you need to buy new pans. This is one area that it is ok to repurchase necessary household items.

How to care for your nonstick cookware:

  • Don’t use cooking spray. Substitute oil misters

  • Season your pans. Spread oil onto the pan and wipe excess off with a

Paper towel.

  • Clean without harsh chemicals or utensils.

  • Clean with baking soda and water. Don’t forget the outside of the pan.

  • Even if the pan says it can go into the dishwasher, don’t.

The heat and Detergents are too tough on nonstick pots and pans.


On the fourth day of Organizing

My organizer said to me

4 sleeping bags

Day #4 We have 30 minutes. 4 sleeping bags. So that’s in the area of camping, sports, and other activities. Unpack the camping gear, find the sleeping bags, and spread out on a table, unroll. What condition are they in? Musty? Worn & torn? Oil and dirt from our body will reduce fluff and that leads to a decrease in the warmth factor.

How much are you camping? In the backyard or on the road? At least, air out the sleeping bags. Old, ripped, stained sleeping bags need to go. Decide which to keep and the rest give to your kids or donate.

Sleeping bag care.

  • Wash at least once a year.

  • Don’t dry clean. Dry cleaning chemicals affect the “down” content.

  • Unzip bag.

  • Use a large capacity front loading washer. (The agitator can rip the bag during wash cycles)

  • Warm water, gently cycle.

  • REI recommends Nikwax’s Tech-Wash to avoid laundry detergent.

  • Dry outside or in dryer. Use tennis balls to fluff up the “down” to help the bag’s warmth.

  • Synthetic bags will dry quicker than down bags.

How did you do these first 3 days? 30 minutes to declutter is feasible. Set a goal, sweaters, pans, sleeping bags only. Focus on that specific item. Use the 30 minutes to sort and evaluate what to donate, throw away, and KEEP. Put it all into a plastic bag, take it to the garage for donations, NOW!

Keep organizing, release your possessions and live a simple, decluttered life.

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