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The 4 Point Strategy to Organize the After Season with DIPS

Whew! We are almost through 2020! This New Year’s Eve will be a monumental achievement. Whether you keep your tree up till New Year’s or take it down the day after Christmas, it’s time to start planning the organization of your holiday decorations and how to put them away.

How will you pare down, recycle, donate, throw away or keep? This is when the DIPS strategy becomes important. DIPS is the 4-point strategy to organize seasonal décor. I originally wrote about this strategy in November. DIPS-SK Simple Solutions' Strategy





Display—ok, we just did that with Christmas


  • Inventory the season at hand.

  • If Blah! or humph these are hints that it is time to retire the decoration

  • Place sparkless décor into a giveaway bag immediately.

  • Take bag to garage for donating.

  • Spark! Pack & Store!

Pack It

  • Pack gently and efficiently.

  • Pack with bubble wrap, paper, seasonal towels etc.

  • Pack the tub better than when you unpacked it.

Store It

  • Arrange and store your tubs to allow easy access to the next season’s decorations.

  • Match decoration with appropriate storage type.

  • Wreath container

  • Tubs- cups, towels, ceramics

  • Use towels of the season to wrap & pack the treasures.

  • Color code & label storage bins by season/holiday

    • Orange/Black = Fall/Halloween

  • Clear with brown lid = Thanksgiving

  • Green/Red Advent/Christmas

  • Yellow or light blue = Spring/Easter

  • Red/Blue = Summer/4th of July





Good luck and have fun this year with your holiday decorating.

Remember take it one season/holiday at a time. And don’t stop once the year has passed, keep going each year. Inevitably you will receive gifts from others to add to your home décor. Use the philosophy of “one in, one out” and you will always find pride in your home throughout the year!

The reduced stress from following the SK Simple Solutions’ DIPS strategy will follow you throughout the year. It is our desire to help you find new and innovative ways to organize, declutter, save space, and repurpose items in your possession. Your vision of clutter-free spaces is our mission.

I find organizing a relaxing and soothing challenge. When I am finished repurposing a space, filling a donation bag, or displaying collectibles, I feel rejuvenated! SK Simple Solutions, Kim Bordelon and me, Shannon McCarthy want you to experience that too!

Join our journey to declutter the world, bring better mental health in paring down possessions and access to personal organizers for all!

Here it comes! Even though Covid19 might change the way we celebrate the holidays it hasn't changed our clutter. SK Simple Solutions Shannon & Kim can guide that disorganized feeling into one of relief.

Does your garage, kitchen, or home need a holiday once over? Let's declutter, reorganize, and reconfigure our garage, kitchen, and home to really celebrate that, "I can Breathe" feeling. (Read the blog about a real life clutter journey of a client and her, Just Breathe)

When we look at our reorganized garage, home office, kitchen, laundry room, closets & clothes we'll know we are home. We will prevail! Bring on 2021!

SK Simple Solutions, we ARE your personal organizers!


SK out! Have a great week! Be happy!

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