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Unique, Unusual Collectibles

Humans collect all sorts of things, watches, coins, Barbie, spoons, or vintage post boxes. How did you start your collection? What do you collect? Do you display what you collect?

I like office supplies; Post Its, paper clips, pens, pencils, sheet protectors, portfolios etc. I even have a hard time using the supplies. I don’t display them in the traditional way but I do keep them in functional containers.

Have you found a group that collects those airline air-sick bags, belt buckles, or belly button fuzz? (Yes belly button fuzz is a thing!) And just when you think no-one could be interested in what you are collecting you’ll do a Google search and a whole world of people collecting exactly what you collect will appear!

Let’s look a few other items that people collect.

Wasps’ Nests

Meet ____________. He collects wasps’ nest. Empty ones I hope! How would you display all those nests? Visit his YouTube video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuxN5zUg_1s

After the wasps leave the nest, then you can remove it from its location. If left outside too long the paper like nest will disintegrate quickly.

Wasp's Nest

The best way to preserve the wasp nest is to use an enclosed glass box.

Many of these come in different shapes, triangle, squares,, hexagons or ovals. It’s a great conversation starter when displayed in the living room or hallway

The following link has all the information on how to remove the nest and display it efficiently.

Hornet's Nest

Preserving and Displaying a Hornet's Nest: Overview of preserving and displaying a hornet's nests


Pencil Sharpeners

Sharpeners have a special place with humans. Since we have been in a formal classroom, a few hundred years ago, we have made mistakes. Most people didn’t start attending school in mass till the 1800s. Education was for the wealthy or royalty. The pencil itself appeared sometime in the 14th or 15th century. The earliest sharpeners were knives. They whittled the pencils to a fine sharp point!

Unique Sharpener Modern Sharpeners Vintage Sharpeners

Now the pencil and a the sharpener are school supplies no student could learn without! Some teachers claim that a pencil and a sharpener is all you need to learn! Kids keep them in their pencil bag, backpack, or room. Teachers use sharpeners as prizes. Who hasn’t wanted to stay in at recess or after school to sharpen the pencils?

Let’s look at the range of sharpeners. Pencils can use a plastic sharpener as well as an electric sharpener. Colored pencils and art pencils need a metal sharpener.

Metal Sharpener is the best for colored pencils

Classic sharpener for school


Have fun with your collections. However, if you haven't displayed your collection in awhile and it is collecting dust in your closet it might be time to reevaluate if you should keep it or let it go. Shannon & Kim are here to help.

SK Simple Solutions is here. Shannon & Kim can assist you display your collectibles. We have a service for that! We assess your collectibles and available areas for display. We compile suggestions and designs to fit your collection in your home. This is done for a project fee of $75. Then if you want us to help display it we can schedule a project session to complete the display. See our website for session prices. (https://www.sksimplesolutions.com/)

Contact us. We want you to enjoy your collections and display them proudly!






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