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Utter Closet Chaos!

What have you already tried when organizing your closet, clothes, or shoes?

How about a closet makeover? Pick a color and theme. Paint a wall or walls. Take a dresser and paint it a similar shade or stencil your theme onto the dresser. Add a whimsical lamp and small decorative pillows. Soon it will become a calming and peaceful space.

Organize your blouses by color or season. If you are keeping it for sentimental reasons, then pack it carefully and put into another closet or attic.

Remove clothes that you hope to “fit into one day” and place into bags. Next take any clothes not worn in a year or not worn regularly and put into a second bag. Take the bags and put then into the basement, attic, or a space in the house that you don’t use often. Finally, revisit those discarded bags in 6 months and if after one final look you still haven't missed them then take them to a local donation center.

As we embrace earth saving behaviors such as, minimalism, eco-friendly clothes, utensils, or food we take a side trip to a fashion designer who attempts to design a hanger that can protect the planet! We of SK Simple Solutions have a thing for hangers! Hopefully after reading the following hang up of this fashion designer you will have a new appreciation for hangers.

“Hangers are the fashion industry’s “plastic straw," stated Roland Mouret.

"A beautiful garment has to be hanged on a hanger and has to be carried by van to the store. In that travel, we use single use plastic hangers that we throw away straight away after, and they're all polystyrene and polystyrene is not recyclable."

Roland Mouret, a Paris fashion designer, has designed a different type of hanger. Today many hangers are made of sustainable materials such as wood, fabric, grass, or cedar. However, the fabric is usually treated with chemicals and most wood doesn’t regenerate before 10-15 years. (Bamboo recovers in 3-5 years as full grown.)

Roland constructed hangers of 80% “marine plastic.” The remaining 20% is recycled plastic thus making the entire hanger 100% recyclable. Given the hanger’s high rate of sustainability there isn’t much chance that you’ll need to replace them.

Roland Mouret's quite fashionable 100% recyclable hanger.



If you want a unique, space saving and sustainable way to maintain living spaces. SK Simple Solutions has a specific Closet, Clothes & Shoes service. As our client we can offer practical solutions to match your lifestyle and budget. We are hands-on, enthusiastic, and passionate about decluttering. We bring a joy to our clients about decluttering which is visible in our enthusiasm toward any project! We hope to inspire Simple Organizing Solutions, freeing cluttered spaces and reclaim that joy of entering your closet.

SK out! Have a great week! Be Happy!


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