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What’s Your Organizing Style?

Meet Physical Phyllis

Clutter is, well, particular to us. We have adjusted our lives to live around our clutter. We can see others’ clutter but ours, is, personal.

How we deal with clutter is in sync with our personalities and how we learn, adapt or process life. The main goal of decluttering is to “find” our things quickly or get rid of the "junk." We all have style, pizazz, and a routine. So it should be with our learning, organizing, and planning strategies. Let's take a look at our organizing styles and how it meshes with our personalizes,

Are you hands on! Then your learning and organizing style is physical or kinesthetic. Take a trip back to your kindergarten class. Those sweet little humans are all over each other, rolling on the floor, hands touching everything and sometimes into the mouth it goes. Those awesome teachers had everyone singing, moving, skipping, playing with clay, painting and napping. A big part of growth and development is through our 5 senses with touch being universally a huge component of learning.

Let’s get physical!

Meet Physical Phyllis.

Most of your processing occurs with movement, touch, and hands moving. Occupations such as woodworking, gardening, pottery, art, creating models, teaching, sports etc. The solutions to problems or new ideas usually come during exercising or any physical activity (for me, that’s organizing!)

Physical speech is automatic:

I can’t get a grip on this idea.
Stay in touch!

You find it difficult to sit still, listen to a lecture, or just be idle. Physical Phyllis would rather remove all contents of her linen closet than look at Pinterest images. She is ready to organize.

Why would Physical Phyllis need a Personal Organizer? To direct all their energy into organizing steps. Direct their action into visualizing an organized space. Help her to image the sensation of cotton towels stacked neatly, the sweet smell of hand lotions in a basket, and the small thud of a closet door closing easily since everything fits so compactly into the closet. Once organized, the desire to touch the closet’s contents reaffirms that good feeling of being organized.

Clutter Goals for Phyllis

  1. Organize to physically be able to touch all their things

  2. Whiteboard for daily clutter projects 1-2

  3. Divide rooms into quarters

  4. Move items from shelves, floors, closets

  5. Use book ends, shelf baskets, drawer dividers

Our mission is to provide and encourage use of our Simple Solutions, by listening without judgement to clutter stories, re-purposing personal areas, and spreading the joy of a simplified life.

Not sure if you need a personal organizer?

Contact us. Give us a try, and see why our other clients have so much confidence in us!

We look forward to working with you.


SK Simple Solutions,

Your Clutter Team

Shannon McCarthy & Kim Bordelon

SK out! Have a great week! Be happy!

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