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What’s Your Organizing Style?

Clutter is, well, unique to us. We have adapted our lives to live around our chaos. We can see others’ clutter but ours, is, personal.

Meet Social Siobhan

How we deal with disorder is in sync with our personalities and how we learn. The main goal of decluttering is to “find” our things quickly and now.

Siobhan communicates well with others, prefers working in groups, and is sensitive to the moods or feelings of others. Many come to Siobhan for advice and an attentive ear. People make you happy and you thrive at parties, volunteer groups, or as a motivational speaker.

Your words are cooperative.

Let’s work on this together.
We can work it out.

Common occupations that sync with your learning style could include

  • teacher

  • counsel

  • coaching

  • high school teacher

  • counselor

  • politics

  • presenter

  • sales

As in learning and organizing it is worthwhile to share ideas with others and listen to their input. So when you need to organize a closet, office, or toys you start by consulting others to see what they have done to stay organized.

You are a sentimental clutterbug. Your collections maybe comprised of family history, Grandma’s jewelry, photos, scrapbooks, or children’s stuff as they grow older. There is an important emotional attachment to all that you have.

Ideal organizing scenario: working with a trusted friend or family member, music, and laughter.

First projects to consider:

  • Kitchen pantry

  • Family room

  • Entertainment center

  • Photos

  • Photo albums

Social Siobhan would be the most likely to contact a Personal Organizer. She needs a clutter buddy. This is a neutral person who can ask the tough questions:

When was the last time you wore this?

Do you need 2 cake containers?

Photos: start by removing all duplicates, pictures without people

(ok, ok, keep the kitty and puppies!)

Or photos without people you don’t know! (No matter how cute he is!)

Personal Organizers can offer lots of ideas as well as listening to the client’s needs, vision, and motivation. SK Simple Solutions is a professional organizers’ company.

Dealing with clutter is our passion. SK guides clients to build their own path to a clutter free lifestyle. Our business is mobile, convenient, and proactive. Since disorganization and clutter are very personal the SK way conveys no judgement, has an ear for client stories, and conveys joy that the decluttering process brings.

Not sure if you need a personal organizer?

Contact us, give us a try, and see why our other clients have so much confidence in us!


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