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What’s Your Organizing Style?

A disorganized state is, well, particular to us. We have adjusted our lives to live around our clutter. We can see others’ clutter but ours, is, personal.

How we deal with clutter is in sync with our personalities and how we learn. The main goal of decluttering is to “find” our things quickly and now.

Meet Introvert Ira.

Independent, quiet, and contemplative. Others may see Ira as anti-social and hard to get to know and quite often dismiss them. As an introvert self-reflection and analysis are part of a daily routine. Ira takes time to make decisions, renovations, and long-term goals.

Goal setting is a big part of their existence. It doesn’t matter if they are short term or long-term goals. Ira can set a goal and then divide it into manageable steps. Goal setting is a part of the way you do everything whether, work, hobbies, vacation, and life. Ira has a few hobbies and keeps at them throughout the year. She only has a few projects at a time because completion is a must. When projects go unfinished and stay on the “to do” list it causes stress or maybe a little anxiety.

Supervisors, bosses sometimes call introverts “sleepers.” Because when we are put into our job, area of expertise, we shine. We can give presentations, command students’ attention, and handle any customer service problem. ( I was called a "sleeper" by my professor while studying to be a teacher.)

Never judge an organizing style by its cover. Our personalities direct our learning and organizing styles. Use it to your advantage, be proud of your organizing style and organize on!

Why would Introvert Ira need a Personal Organizer? Even though Ira can break down goals into manageable chunks, sometimes that can impede them from seeing the whole picture, the result. The personal organizer will focus Ira by asking a few questions:

  • What do you want the space to look like?

  • How do you want the room to function?

  • Who will benefit from the reorganizing?

If you want a unique, space saving and sustainable way to maintain living spaces SK Simple Solutions has specific services.

As our client we can offer practical solutions to match your lifestyle and budget. We are hands-on, enthusiastic, and passionate about decluttering. We bring a joy to our clients about decluttering which is visible in our enthusiasm toward any project! We hope to inspire Simple Organizing Solutions freeing cluttered spaces and reclaim that joy of entering your home.

SK out! Have a great week! Be Happy!


Contact us and schedule a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your organizing needs. We look forward to working with you.


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