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What to Expect When Expecting a Personal Organizer

Welcome Back to SK Simple Solutions’ October blog series. Let’s get back to Kim’s journey. When we last met Kim, she was finishing her 1st session with the personal organizer. Here is a recap: Her session was very productive. She set the function for both of her craft rooms, sorted supplies, and removed everything off the floor. Last, she kept up this journey in her journal.

Kim’s goals:

  1. Regain my space in my craft rooms to

  2. Complete DIY projects

  3. Organize my photos

  4. Create a space for her business

By this time in her journey she was looking forward to donating, throwing it away or keeping it. Kim even commented that the journaling was hard but turning out to be very helpful. Once Kim had completed sorting supplies by categories in each room it was time to create sections in each room for donations, throw away, and keep.

In addition, she took stock of unfinished projects and decided which to complete and which to let go. This step is tedious and exhausting for both the client and professional organizer. The personal organizer steps in and questions the client during the purging part:

  1. Who will benefit from what I keep?

  2. Do I have joy with this project?

  3. What is the biggest obstacle you are facing in deciding how to handle these possessions?

Kim’s homework before Session 2.

  1. Remove craft supplies from bookshelves, closet under the beds.

  2. Organize by category

  3. Divide into 3 piles

  • What can I give away?

  • What can I throw away?

  • Which projects will I keep & want to finish?

Donate Throw Away What to Keep

Session 2 Finally, we physically moved supplies, binders, punches, photos to the appropriate room according to its function. This was a Professional Organizer push because she was having “choosing” fatigue. This is a very common occurrence when your emotions and clutter become intertwined. Even though Kim wanted to donate, or throw away, and keep some projects and supplies it becomes tiring during the session. The one thing that is common across all organizing, decluttering, redefining, or redesigning is the plain fact that we have our emotions and memories tide up in those objects, projects, or spaces.

Supplies, projects, containers, photos

That is why it is a journey.

In her own words let’s review her is goals for her space and possessions.

Regaining my space

“I want to find joy and passion again”

Give myself a chance to grieve for the Items I once treasured.

Give myself a set time to finish each day.

With support and help I hope to never lose sight of my goals.

Hope and Determination

Patience and Inspiration

Adapt and Transform

A professional organizer beginning a project with a client must have a few things in place before the purging stage: a goal(s), a vision of what your possessions or your space will look like, the willingness to let go, and decide what will you keep. Kim wanted joy and passion for her projects again. But she was disillusioned and disappointed with herself, so she froze.

We join Kim on her journey, in her own voice.

Day 6, the next day I haven’t been in my space in a few days, but I was ready to tackle it once again Lots more sorting I can see the floor, looking at all my hand made cards gave me mixed emotions. I’d never really had any intentions of selling my cards or crafts, I just did it for my own personal enjoyment and gifts for others. But with all the money and time spent I didn’t have any real satisfaction. Before I knew it, I was stuck with resentment and lots of clutter.

Today I will find joy in my projects or find a new home for them.

Day 7, the next day Too busy to tackle the space, “It’s still there it’s not going anywhere anytime soon…."

Kim called her personal organizer. (Consult & Listen) She needed a boost, a different way to look at all the sorted items. We brainstormed ways to make her office space. What did she need? Desk, storage, lighting, space to work.

Day 8, 3 days later I’m Feeling better now, so now’s a good time to start on the space again. I got that boost I needed. Cards are all in one place, photos stored in a different room. That is a different project. Papers sorted and labeled.

Some of my DIY that I put in the give-away pile:

Projects by Kim that she gave away.

Day 9, the next day I found no excuses for not working on my space, family was feed, self-entertained or out of the house. So, I put on some music that put me in a more enthusiastic mood. I got distracted so often that I had to either turn off the music or take a break for 10 min to get refocused.

Day 10, the next day Ok I’m inspired again, and the items are in their own bins. I took too much time seeing if the markers were all dried out. I was wasting time. 10 more minutes and I’m done!

Are you ready to look at your possessions, your space in a new way? Are you ready to donate, throw away and decide what to keep? Are you ready to let go? Contact us, we are here for you! https://www.sksimplesolutions.com/

So, what would you do next? Have you felt this way about a project(s)? How long will it take? 1 day, 1 week etc. Let’s hear from you. Have you ever journaled your frustrations? Your goals? Leave Kim a positive comment to help her on her journey. In SK Simple Solutions’ next post, we’ll again join Kim on her “Regaining My Space” journey.

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SK Out! Have a great week! Be Happy

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