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Who is Verbal Vera?

What is Verbal Vera's organizing style?
What's Your Organizing Style?

We all know Vera; she can talk her way out of anything or talk anything into the ground. And at the same time her gift of the written word in Birthday or Thinking of You cards is amazing.

A verbal style for learning or organizing often includes talking and writing. The Irish call it “The gift of the Gab.”

Vera Verbal’s verbiage includes,

Tell me word for word. Let me spell it out for you.

Vera is great at word games; Words with Friends, Scramble, and crossword puzzles.

Vera Verbal excels in debating, speeches, talking through problems and writing proposals for various challenges. She likes Self-Help recordings and calming self-talk assertions.

“I am strong and mindful. I take each day as a gift.”

Vera uses lists, post-Its, calendars, her phone, or computer, to direct her day-to-day goals. She also uses a whiteboard for a weekly menu, family calendar for events, and a daily To Do list.

Vera processes problems, conflicts, love, and happiness all thru journal writing. The journal then becomes her talking points to herself. Ahead of confrontations Vera Verbal will script out her thoughts and words.

So how does Vera like her organizing. She talks a lot about organizing a closet, kitchen, or bedroom clothes. She even writes a list of what will go where, what will be donated or thrown away.

Vera may write it down or say it aloud but all these lists, to-dos, and post-Its fail to help her prioritize the actual task of organizing.

A Personal Organizer can help Vera prioritize those lists and set the plan in motion. The Personal Organizer nudges her along the plan and avoids procrastination. The organizer also shows Vera how to read her plans & goals for household reorganizing aloud thereby committing her to an organizing path.

SK Simple Solutions can assist you with any organizing need no matter your organizing style. Plus, we really enjoy our job! Here’s what we do when we give you a unique, customize organizing plan.

The 5 Steps of a Personal Organizer: Consultation, Listen, Plan, Implement, Follow-up

  • We offer a free 30-minute organizing consultation

  • We listen without judgement to the strategies you have tried.

  • Plan sessions to declutter & organize your space.

  • Implement the plan using SK Simple Solutions.

  • Follow up to answer questions and/or share their success!

Not sure if you need a personal organizer? Contact us, give us a try, and see why our other clients have so much confidence in us!

We look forward to working with you.


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