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Repurpose That!

Pallet Planters 2022 (9)_edited.jpg



Old life folding tables


Salvaged Director's Chair

Pallet Planters 2022 (2)_edited.jpg

Planter Box


New life folding tables


New Life Director's Chair

     Here's what we do. We "Repurpose That!" for a flat commission price + supplies.

     This is the creative side of SK Simple Solutions.

     We take the time to start & finish those DIY projects that you have the most desire to see finished, but you have put on hold.

     Give us your tired wood pile, corks, cookie tins, old dressers, large bottles, potted plants, crumbling chairs or music sheets.

Based on your project's vision SK Simple Solutions' Repurpose team will transform

your ideas into a completed project.

The Details:

     SK Simple Solutions' repurpose team reserves the right to add their creativity to the project. It will not be completed to an exact design plan from the client. We use your repurpose vision to complete the design. If the client has a design that isn't suited to supplies provided to our team, we will provide that information prior to any project start. Client will see the project at completion.

Minimum Commission Fee $150.

Client will provide the following:

Design plan

Image(s) that show their design

Supplies-repurposed materials for use

additional materials as needed

If purchased supplies are necessary it is the responsibility of the client to provide the supplies or add it to the project cost.

Proposal and cost for REPURPOSE THAT service valid for 30 days after contract date to the client. A minimum commission of $150 will be applied to each "Repurpose That" project. After a consultation on design, the SK Repurpose team will determine the commission price based on an estimated time to complete project.

 SK Simple Solutions will assign 1 or more team members to the repurposing  project for the same contracted price. Purchase of any service allows SK Simple Solutions to publish before & after photos on their website, FaceBook, Pinterest or Instagram accounts.

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