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Maggie El Cajon, CA

Maggie one of our loyal fans, is a regular client. We visit her home monthly for decluttering checkups.

I commented, while we were in the kitchen, “Wow, your counters look uncluttered and open. You’re doing a good job of maintain your cooking workspace.” Maggie said, “I love it when you noticed my attempts at organizing.


Kristina Menifee, CA

I have 3 young children and only 2 rooms. I needed help organizing the space, clothes, and toys. Shannon & Kim were awesome! We got so much done! And I'm excited to keep going. They were through and always took the time to talk me through things that I couldn't give up. They were also super aware of when my anxiety was coming on! I definitely will contact them again. Thanks so much!

Kathy Temecula, CA

I’ve had Shannon and Kim at my home many times. We had just finished my hallway closet and we were taking all the donations to the car. Shannon commented on my family room, “Kathy, you are doing such a great job of keeping the family room free of boxes and clothes.” It felt good to know that she thought I was really changing my behavior and trying to keep it organized. 

That’s why we check in with our clients after the organizing sessions. It brings us joy to know that we really helped someone remove clutter and feel less overwhelmed. 

                   Shannon & Kim, your organizing team.

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