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After the Clutter, Where to Recycle, Sell or Donate Your Giveaways

Where to Recycle
Recycling Details
Where to Sell
Selling Details
Where to Donate
Donating Details
Your City's Recycle Program
Local Recycling Centers
Facebook Market place
Check FB for details
Animal Shelters--check locally
Beds, blankets, toys, food.
Keep America Beautiful, search your area for recyclable materials.
www.We.LetGo.com & www.OfferUp.com
Use their app; take a pic, price it, post it!
Your Local Library
DVDs (No VHS), Puzzles, Books, Games
Search for pick ups using www.earth911
Sell clothes and accessories
Salvation Army- pick-up service anywhere in the US. Clothing, cars, linens, rugs, kitchen utensils, appliances No particle board furniture, metal desks, TV consoles, car seats, highchairs
Recycle Amazon Blue & White mailers.
Popular with teens and college age kids looking for bargains on trendy fashion. Plato’s Closet will buy used clothes (clean, not torn, no stains.)
Clothing, cars, linens, rugs, utensils, appliances
www.habitat.org Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity will take cabinets, doors, hardware, doorknobs, tile Call ahead to make sure they have room to take big items that day. Their warehouse fills quickly.
Use their "Clean Up Kit" They sell your clothing and end you the money.
Cars, real estate & They provide tax forms.
www.staples.com Staples
Recycles ink, laptops, phones, calculators, CD/DVD players.
Powell’s City of Books. Oregon. Sell your books, 7 minimum.
Schedules pickups for many donation sites.
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