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What to Expect When Expecting a Personal Organizer

Passion   --       for organizing & prompting difficult choices

Energy    --       when fatigue comes from deciding what to keep, donate, or throw away

Reduce   --       stress & redesign spaces with you

Sort         --       items, selecting organizing systems that work with your style

Organize--       the decluttering process

Nudge     --      you forward when you feel overwhelmed

Accomplish--    goals

Learn      --       how to let go, use labels (simple, but effective!)

Offer       --       organizing options

Redefine--             your relationship with your possessions

Guide      --      you toward specific goals

Attention--      to detail & your vision

New          --      organizing behaviors

Inspire    --       motivation to implement new organizing behaviors

Zero In    --         on the purpose of the spaces & what it will look like

Expect     --     emotions of exhaustion but, expect empathy from your PO

Realize    --      that organizing is tiring & fun

Support  --      for your sentimental attachments & the stories of your possessions

Sensations --  of anxiety, dread, and relief are normal, but you WILL be successful!

KEEP       --     help decide what you will keep and recognize your success!

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