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Shannon & Kim's Donating Tips
After the Clutter

     How to donate, sell, or recycle the giveaways!    

                   It’s been great organizing with you!  
Now What?

Where to Donate our Giveaways?

Start Local

     Your Local Library. Friends of the Library on Pauba Rd, Temecula:

     (Drop off DVDs (No VHS), Puzzles, Books, Games

    Temecula's local Animal Rescue. Huey's Non-Profit Animal Rescue

                       www.hueysrescue.org                         fosterhueysrescue@gmail.com



                               www.salvationarmy.org                  1-800-728-7825

 Salvation Army Call to see if they are picking up donations.

 Drop off clothing, home goods, vehicles, linens, Rugs, kitchen,      utensils,appliance.  No particle board furniture, metal desks, TV consoles, car seats, or highchairs


                                www.redcross.org                                1-888-831-0031

 Red Cross. Your gift of money or blood assists those affected by a disaster.

                              (Tell Alexa, “Donate to the American Red Cross”)


                AMVETS   www.amvetscasf.org/pick-up     1-877-990-8387     


 AmVets Donate clothing, home goods, vehicles, linens, Rugs, kitchen    utensils, appliances. No oversized items: pianos, organs, large appliances. Makeup, lotion, or cleaning supplies.


                 Lake Elsinore, CA                          www.animalfriendsofthevalley.com

 Lake Elsinore Animal Shelter is near where I live. Clean dog beds, blankets, toys. Unopened food.


                   Kars4Kids                                       www.kars4kids.org  

 Kars4kids.org This organization takes in cars, vacant, commercial, residential, multi-family property. They also take care of any tax considerations.


                     Pick Up Please                           www.pickupplease.org

 A donation organization that can help locate a store that picks up donations from your home. Schedule a pickup with Vietnam Veterans of America this website.

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