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 Shannon & Kim's Recycling Tips                     After the Clutter       
How to donate, sell, or recycle the giveaways!     

                  It’s been great organizing with you!   

Now What?

  Where to Recycle our Giveaways?  

 Always Start with your city for donating, selling, and recycling.

            My town,Temecula

Go to Temecula Recycling on Diaz Rd. Cans, bottles, garbage disposals, metal racks, cords, DVD players, and more. Some items require a $1-$5 payment to the state of California to recycle certain items.

      I have spoken to the owners and have been assured that indeed items are recycled! You can also peruse the grounds and see what they have.

            E-waste E-waste can be toxic, is not biodegradable and builds up in the environment, in the soil, air, water and living things. I paid $5 to recycle our dead stereo and $2 to recycle the microwave. But they do RECYCLE it!


https://how2recycle.info/ This organization is trying to streamline a common recycle label on all materials. It is in the USA only, right now. Use the website to learn more about reading a recycle label and where to recycle most items.


             Waste Management            1-800-304-2226

They might take things that you never would think of recycling.


            Staples                                www.staples.com

      Staples recycle responsibly laptops, phones, calculators, CD/DVD players etc. No alkaline batteries, appliances, lamps, bulbs, TVs.


           Habitat for Humanity          www.habitat.org    

        Habitat for Humanity takes cabinets, doors, hardware, doorknobs, tile. Call ahead to make sure they have room to take big items that day.


           How To Recycle                    www.how2recycle.com

      For example, Amazon Blue & White mailers. It lists by zip code where to drop Amazon mailers, curb-side picks, or where to recycle other things.

      How2Recycle is a standardized labeling system that clearly communicates recycling instructions to the public. It involves a coalition of forward-thinking brands who want their packaging to be recycled and are empowering consumers through smart packaging labels.


            Earth 911                         www.earth911

Use the site to search for curb-side pick-ups, what to recycle, how to recycle and new advancements in our world of recycling


      Keep America Beautiful       www.kab.org

      Keep America Beautiful to search your location for where to take recyclable materials.   


I want to be recycled is used with Keep America Beautiful. A website on what, how, and where to recycle.                                     

     Go to Plastic Bag and FIlm Recycling to find a location near your that take plastic bags #2 & #4. Some current locations are Sprouts, Kohl's,WinCo, Ralphs, and Target.

It might take some effort to recycle more of what we buy but our obligation to take care of Earth is real and truly relevant. Let’s do it!

Recycle On! SK Out!

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